The Budget Haul: Boots and TK Maxx

I was attempting a spending ban but that was just not happening on any level. So instead i've put myself on a beauty budget and it is tough, there are so many things I want. But I am remaining strong so decided to hit TK Maxx, my favourite shop for budget beauty and Boots.

Dupe: Essie Mint Candy Apple vs MUA Pistachio Ice Cream

I picked Essie Mint Candy Apple up a few weeks ago, read my post here, and I love it. It's such a lovely spring pastely shade. Not long after I brought it the lovely Alice from Annie writes beauty uploaded a photo of her Pistachio ice cream nails from MUA. I could not believe the similarity even down to the packaging. Although I see MUA pop up all over beauty blogs all the time, i've never tried any of their products so while in town I took a diversion to Superdrug and picked up pistachio ice cream for a teeny tiny £1.

Four Things I Love From This Week

The four things I've loved this week are….

Benefit Cosmetics Blogger Of The Month

So if my readers haven't guessed by now I am a HUGE Benefit fan. I absolutely love it, I think it is such a cute quirky brand but their products are amazing, so they're not even style over substance. My Benefit collection is growing more and more out of control so what you can see in the photo is only a fraction of my collection, whoops, sorry bank account.

The Make Up Storage

Make Up storage is always a source of problem for any make up addict like myself. It's so hard to find something that fits a lot in but is easy to get to and easy to find what you're looking for. At the moment, everyone seems to be going crazy for Muji's acrylic storage which I love but as my room is a bit vintagey and all my furniture is antique, plastic storage does not quite go.